Tender Notice: Musonoi

1. 招标条件  Tender Conditions


The owner of this bidding project is Ruashi Mining with self-raised construction funds and loans, and the tenderer is Ruashi Mining SAS. The project has met the bidding conditions, and the design of the project is now open for bidding.

2.项目概况与招标范围 Project Overview and Tender Scope

2.1建设地点: 刚果(金)卢阿拉巴省科卢韦齐市梅特瑞斯如瓦西矿业公司穆松尼项目现场。

2.1 Construction site: The site of the Musonoi project of  Ruashi Mining SAS in Kolwezi City, Lualaba Province, Congo.

2.2建设规模Construction scale:


Design a new set of hydro metallurgy system for processing copper and cobalt sulfide concentrate of 140kt/a and oxidation slurry of 300kt/a (dry weight), of which: the design scale of the roasting system is 140kt/a (the processing capacity of copper and cobalt sulfide concentrate), copper electro winning The design scale of the system is 48kt/a (amount of cathode copper), and the design scale of the cobalt recovery system is 13kt/a (amount of cobalt metal). The main construction contents include: Roasting area, flue gas desulfurization area, wet smelting area and public auxiliary area, public works and administrative welfare facilities engineering and so on.

2.3招标范围 Tender scope:


Preliminary design, construction drawing design (including manufacturing drawings of all non-standard equipment, all delivery drawings are provided in both paper and electronic versions), Design documents (such as bidding drawings, bill of quantities, etc.), construction drawing review and construction services required for project bidding, including compilation of special articles on fire protection, safety, environmental protection, energy, lightning protection, occupational health and health, etc.

3.  投标登记  Bid Registration

凡有意参加本项目的投标者,请于2021 年 12 月1日 18时 00 分(北京时间,下同)前在“金川集团电子招标投标交易平台”(http://ebidding.jnmc.com/)首页点击“主体注册”,填写投标企业相关信息后,点击“企业注册”完成投标主体注册。在企业注册、投标登记、CA数字证书办理过程中如有任何疑问,请拨打0086-0935-5831892电话进行咨询。

All bidders who are interested in participating in this project, please submit their bids on the “Jinchuan Group Electronic Tendering and Bidding Trading Platform” (http://ebidding.jnmc.com/ ) . On the home page, click “Subject Registration”, fill in the relevant information of the bidding enterprise, and click “Enterprise Registration” to complete the bidding entity registration. If you have any questions during the process of enterprise registration, bidding registration, and CA digital certificate processing, please call 0086-0935-5831892 for consultation.

Kindly send all submissions to:


November 25, 2021



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