Yonghong Cheng Yonghong Cheng
Bachelor in Ferrous Metallurgy
Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Yonghong Cheng is currently the Head of the African Region of Jinchuan Group.
He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Metorex (PTY) Limited (subsidiary of Jinchuan Group). During his 28-year career, Mr. Cheng has served in various positions including working in Jinchuan as the Deputy General Manager of the Smelter of Jinchuan Group, the Deputy General Manager of the Nickel Smelter of Jinchuan Group, the General Manager of the Copper Smelter of Jinchuan Group, and the General Manager of Ruashi Mining Company of Metorex (PTY) Limited. He is a technical professional with extensive operational management experience in nonferrous pyrometallurgy and hydrometallugy.He has worked in the field of nonferrous metals smelting related to Copper, Nickel and Cobalt. He is also well versed in the process and equipment in the fields of Hydro and Pyro Metallurgy. Furthermore, as a Senior Metallurgical Engineer, he has adequate experience in Production, Technique, Safety and Environment Management.
 Weiwu Yin
BA (International Accounting)
Chief Financial Officer – Mr Yin graduated from Central South University of Technology majoring in International Accounting. He joined Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd.in July 1997 and his duties involved Risk Control, Auditing and Financial Management. Mr. Yin has served in various positions including Acting Financial Manager of Nickel Smelter of Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. and the Financial Manager of Marketing Company of Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd.
 Zhenhua Wang Zhenhua Wang
Bachelor’s in Mining Engineering
Group Project Manager – Mr Wang has been working for Jinchuan Group since 1993, and engaged in Mining Design, Development Design, Mining Planning, Backfill Management and Project Management. In 1998, Mr Wang obtained this qualification in Mining Engineering. In 2006-2007 he obtained his qualifications for Cost Engineer, the qualifications for Consultant Engineer and the qualifications for Registered Consulting Engineer, that is approved by the Chinese Government department. In 2010 he obtained his qualification in senior Mining Engineer. In 2016 Mr Wang was seconded to the Metorex Group, working at the Kinsenda Copper Company mining operation in the DRC as the Mining Manager. In April 2020, Mr Wang was appointed as the Metorex Group Project Manager and on the 1st of June 2021, Mr Wang was appointed as a member of the Metorex Executive Committee (EXCO).
 SONY DSC  Yulong Tian
Doctor of Science
Geological Group Manager – Yulong joined Metorex in May 2012. Prior to assuming this role, Yulong was the Deputy General Manager of the Mineral Resource division of the Jinchuan Group along with being the Director of the Mine Institute of the Jinchuan Group, which he joined in 2004. Yulong has extensive knowledge of the Jinchuan operations and has published 15 papers, achieving three treatises and seven provincial awards.



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